At one time, when you thought suspenders, you thought Grandpa. These days, suspenders are back with a vengeance. Grooms are rocking these old school accessories on their wedding day and we couldn’t be happier.  We are loving the look and here are a few grooms that are nailing the trend.


The classic suspender and bow tie is always a good look.  This groom’s button boutonniere works fabulously with the overall look.

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Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s just plain good, but whatever the reason, donuts are being served up at all types of events. Dressed up or simply glazed these yummy treats are the perfect dessert. Serve them stacked or hung on a wall and you have yourself a crowd pleaser!


This dressed up tower of donuts are lovely and fun.  A few dozen of glazed and some icing and you have a gorgeous stack of boho treats.

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Say ‘no’ to the traditional tuxedo on your wedding day! Groovy and stylish grooms are taking back some of the wedding day spotlight and we couldn’t be more excited. If you are not wanting to suit-up in a traditional suit then we have some amazing looks for you!


Coloured Suit.  We love this trend! A coloured suit gives grooms an opportunity to show some personality and their playful side. It doesn’t hurt that they coordinate with the wedding colour scheme too!

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Creating your wedding registry can be so fun, yet so overwhelming. Wondering if you added too many items or if you didn’t add enough variety can be a delicate balance. Besides, who doesn’t get carried away with the scanning gun! Just make sure you add these popular must-have wedding registry items!

A  KitchenAid mixer, this gift will last you for many many years and deserves top spot on your registry. And this colour – how fun!

A good knife block set.

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Regardless of if you are recently engaged or partway through your wedding planning – it can be stressful and time consuming. Trust us, we know just how easy it is to get caught up in planning a wedding. With work, life and everything else you do regularly, adding hours of research, meetings and checklists can leave you feeling tired. 

We say – take a break from wedding planning! Leave the worrying to your wedding coordinator and book yourself a few date nights so you and your love can reconnect and just spend time together.

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