Celebrating Your Team

No man or woman is an island, as they say, and the same goes for employees; every successful team is comprised of individual, hardworking employees, working together, trusting each other and relying on one another to make good things happen. Uphill and downhill, your team has been behind you. Employees are the greatest asset of any organization, and it is important to acknowledge and celebrate their successes.

Many year-end celebrations are taking place as the year is wrapping up, but no one likes making up excuses for skipping out because they don’t want to sit through another drab dinner and dull speeches. Rather than a year-end Christmas party, try swapping out the holiday theme for a different theme rooted in appreciation – make it about the team. Give it some thought and prepare some customized goody bags so that they can continue enjoying the experience after they have left.

Standard team-building activities can be overdone. Give them value in attending the event by inspiring goals or motivation. People love gaining insight and industry tips from mentors and inspirational speakers. Reach out to experienced industry professionals who can offer advice and motivational stories. Facilitate a chalkboard or whiteboard where people can share stories and ideas. Don’t forget to assess the purpose of your event and ensure that your activities and costs align with your goal for the event.

Whether you can or can’t afford to offer bonuses at year’s end, it is important to reward your employees. A personal gift will always be appreciated. Applauding success ensures that employees are satisfied in their employment, and yields more motivated and productive workers. After all, behind every successful organization are individual, hard-working team members.