Corporate Event Services

You have a lot to deal with everyday from meetings, emails, clients to reports and so much more! The last thing you have time for is planning and event. Let us assist you with all the details to ensure that you and your team can show up refreshed and ready to network.

Eventful Planning creates experiences that are distinctive, intentional and memorable. We start with establishing your goals and designing an overall story that will engage and inspire. From there, with coffee in hand, our team plans your event - from small team building activities to large activations - seamlessly. 

corporate event planner
corporate event planner

 "Erin is amazing! She makes having a party so much fun that I actually get to enjoy my own events! I am not running around last minute or handling problems the night of the event. She's someone I will always get to handle our corporate events." ~ AJ, Calgary

People today expect to engage with brands in an authentic and genuine way, and with the help of social media, the demand for engaging, unique experiences has increased. This is why we create events with our client's goals in mind, from concept design to vendor coordination, we are creating experiences that are distinctive, intentional and memorable.

Our Services

✔︎ Sponsorship Planning & Management 
✔︎ Decor Sourcing & Management
✔︎ Interactive Installations 
✔︎ Instagram Backdrops 
✔︎ Styling
✔︎ Layout Flow
✔︎ Tablescape Design
✔︎ Prop Sourcing
✔︎ Vendor Coordination
✔︎ Guest Favours and gifts

✔︎ Concept Design
✔︎ Venue Scouting
✔︎ Conference Planning
✔︎ Team Building
✔︎ Complete Planning & Production 
✔︎ Budget Creation & Management 
✔︎ Timeline Creation and Management 
✔︎ Onsite Coordination and Production Management
✔︎ Licensing and Permits
✔︎ Vendor Sourcing and Management

Our Process

Eventful Planning provides custom packages for every type of event, and we work hard to make sure that the planning & design process is as easy and seamless as possible. You can trust us to be there every step of the way to make sure your event is planned properly & executed to the delight and enjoyment of your guests.