Dark Table Experience

dark table experience

As an outgoing and adventurous individual I like to try new things and explore Calgary! I always like to see how I can bring that into my work as an event planner. Last month for my birthday my friends and family joined me and tried a new restaurant, Dark Table. The restaurant just opened in late October with a refreshingly new concept – dining in the dark. A dining experience that allows you to engage your other senses.

Here is a bit about my experience and what to expect if you plan on checking out Dark Table! 

Upon arrival there is a bar in the main foyer area where you are greeted by a hostess. We were given the menus to look at before we were seated. There is an option for a 2 course or 3 course. I decided on the 2 course and for it to be a surprise on the entree and dessert! – again my adventurous side coming out because why not! Then you are introduced to your waiter before entering the dining area. You are asked to put your left hand on there left shoulder and your party creates a chain doing the same while your waiter guides you into the dining area. The dining area seems quite small as you get a quick glimpse from the foyer light  when you enter. The room is also quite loud, as the space is small and it’s almost like you have to yell to have a conversation. Overall I enjoyed the experience and how it got me to be more aware of my other senses and approach dining in a refreshing and different way. 

It would be a great idea to bring this concept into events for our corporate clients. Recreating this experience for a small team building or networking event would be a great opportunity to bring a refreshing approach to these types of events!  I highly recommend anyone try this experience, I think it’s great to get out of our comfort zone and experience the world from a different perspective in this amazing city! 

-Eventful Kristen