Planning Your Next Corporate Event

We all know that corporate events have a tendency to be a bit on the, well…boring side. So, we’ve put together some tips on how to ensure you pull off a successful, and FUN corporate event!

1- Determine the goals of the event: You want to make sure that your event is purposeful and sends the right message to those in attendance. Have a brainstorm session and find out what you want the event to convey, inform, and celebrate!

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2- Incorporate a theme: A fun theme can really up the event and engage your audience to really participate during the event. If you share the theme prior to the event it can raise incentive for attendees to wear a theme related outfit or bring props that suit the theme.

3- Keep things interesting: Bring out new skills from participants through activities and team building exercises. Getting attendees to interact with each other often shows long-term retention of ideas and follow through! Keep things fun rather than showing a powerpoint presentation which we’ve all been known to “clock out” of.

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4- Invest in tools and strategies: If you’re wanting to keep the attendees engaged after the event is over, having online tools, games, and forums with follow up discussions can bring the engagement level higher after the event is over.

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5- Goody-bye: Having a small goody bag for guests to pick up on their way out makes those who were there remember the event for longer, and give them incentive to start collaborative discussions about the event with others who had attended.

We hope that these ideas help you when planning your next corporate event! Let us know what you have found to work best for corporate events you’ve run, or been to!