Gender Reveal Cake

(Betty Crocker)

If you have not heard of this trend, it’s when the ultrasound technician writes the baby’s sex on a piece of paper, the parents then hand that off to a bakery, and they hold a party to see what colour the inside of the cake is – revealing the gender. It’s a great way to share the moment of EVERYONE finding out at the same time!

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As soon as you share the news you are expecting, you start getting asked – “Do you know what you’re having?” It’s one of the top 3 questions asked after “How are you feeling?” and “What are your cravings?”.

We say, have a little fun with it and keep it a secret, even until your baby shower!

Revealing a baby’s gender later in one’s pregnancy or at the baby shower has become a popular thing to do.

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Keeping kids entertained at a wedding, or any function, can sometimes be a difficult task. If kids are on your guest list it is a good idea to consider having something planned to keep the little ones busy.

This will demonstrate that you truly considered the little guests and parents will appreciate an opportunity to enjoy themselves. It also shows your guests that you were genuine when including their kids.

There are many wonderful ideas to choose from when making a kids activity table.

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I wouldn’t consider myself a food critic by any means but I know pizza, or at least pizza I like!  A few weeks back I met with two of the five owners of Ripe Tomato Pizza at their Core location.  Because of mall storefront regulations you wouldn’t think much of the place, but what they produce has to be one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted. It truly is amazing authentic style pizza.

pizzaAfter a few minutes I finally decided to try the Dolce e Piccante. After about only 1 minute,

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20150127_115459Recently I attended an open house hosted by RiverCross Ranch.  RiverCross Ranch is an event and retreat center on a private acreage located just (about 10 minutes) outside of Calgary, Alberta.

When I first arrived I was charmed by the picturesque setting of the ranch.  Rolling hills, horses and majestic mountains in the background greeted me, not to mention the beautiful and inviting western ranch house.  Outside the house features a wrap-around porch, rock patio and a gas rock firepit.

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