At one time, when you thought suspenders, you thought Grandpa. These days, suspenders are back with a vengeance. Grooms are rocking these old school accessories on their wedding day and we couldn’t be happier.  We are loving the look and here are a few grooms that are nailing the trend.


The classic suspender and bow tie is always a good look.  This groom’s button boutonniere works fabulously with the overall look.

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Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s just plain good, but whatever the reason, donuts are being served up at all types of events. Dressed up or simply glazed these yummy treats are the perfect dessert. Serve them stacked or hung on a wall and you have yourself a crowd pleaser!


This dressed up tower of donuts are lovely and fun.  A few dozen of glazed and some icing and you have a gorgeous stack of boho treats.

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Your wedding day is finally coming together, everything is falling into place, all you have left to do is decide on what you are doing to your hair. Do you keep it simple or do something elaborate? We have put together 8 fabulous wedding styles for short hair that we know you will love.

Wedding Styles for Short Hair

This simple barrel curl is absolutely gorgeous! It is soft & flirty and perfect for your big day.

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