At one time, when you thought suspenders, you thought Grandpa. These days, suspenders are back with a vengeance. Grooms are rocking these old school accessories on their wedding day and we couldn’t be happier.  We are loving the look and here are a few grooms that are nailing the trend.


The classic suspender and bow tie is always a good look.  This groom’s button boutonniere works fabulously with the overall look.

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We are big fans of gorgeous bouquets, but we’re secretly obsessed with unique & fabulous boutonnieres. There are so many great boutonniere ideas to browse for your own wedding, we thought we’d share eighteen of our new found favourites!

Boutonniere Ideas

Having a fall wedding? We love the idea of incorporating some richly coloured leaves.

Really love the use of the striped ribbon in this boutonniere.  It’s not something we commonly see but if used correctly,

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Who pays for what wedding expenses?

It’s a topic that can lead to many lengthy discussions these days. Traditionally there was a clear understanding of the role of each family and what expenses they would be responsible for covering. But now, who pays for what wedding expenses is a little murky.

Over the years, wedding traditions have changed and in many cases these intimate and memorable days are now happening after the couple already live together, have good jobs and maybe even have children.

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If you are newly engaged or trying to finish your wedding planning, there are many advantages to attending a Bridal Show. I will admit, for many people, bridal shows can be overwhelming but if you can tough it out it’s definitely worth attending!

  1. Bridal Shows are a great way to meet with many wedding vendors. Almost everything you will need, if not all, will be in one place on the same day.
  2. Many vendors offer show specials so make sure you bring your day planner to schedule meetings &

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It is definitely bridal season in Calgary. Everywhere you go there are signs posted for this show & that fair. For the newly engaged & couples already planning, a wedding show is a great place to meet vendors & hire the services you need. But once you’ve attended, entered as many draws as you could, met many fabulous vendors & left feeling overwhelmed (maybe), what should you be doing after a bridal show?

Some couples end up booking services right at the show,

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