Take a Break From Wedding Planning with These Date Ideas

Regardless of if you are recently engaged or partway through your wedding planning – it can be stressful and time consuming. Trust us, we know just how easy it is to get caught up in planning a wedding. With work, life and everything else you do regularly, adding hours of research, meetings and checklists can leave you feeling tired. 

We say – take a break from wedding planning! Leave the worrying to your wedding coordinator and book yourself a few date nights so you and your love can reconnect and just spend time together.  No wedding talk allowed!

Take a break from wedding planning with these fun ideas!

Take a cooking class! Cooking classes are a great way to spend time together and learn how to make a new dish that you both can enjoy. You will find many restaurants or culinary schools in Calgary offer this activity. Bonus, at the end of the class you can sit down and enjoy the meal you both made with love.

Take a Break From Wedding Planning
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Where to look for classes? Here are a few places in Calgary that offer some great options:

Ceramic Painting. These places always seem to get overlooked, but they are so fabulous. You can pick any ceramic item such as plates, vases, ornaments, serving platters & mugs. We love the idea of making each other a mug you can have your coffee & Bailey’s in on lazy Sunday mornings.

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Where to look for studios? A few places to check out include:

Head out on a Brewery Tour. Pubs are always a great idea, but why not go on a brewery tour?! Calgary is home to some really great brewers who’s heart and soul goes into the brew they make. It is such a treat to meet the people behind the scenes, learn a little about the process and of course, get some samples along the way. Some even include yummy food too!

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Where to look for tours? Here are a few great places to start:

Attend a bootcamp or hit the gym. Date nights don’t always have to be dinner and a movie, a workout class is such a great idea. Getting active has so many benefits – you get to sweat for the wedding, get your stress of planning out and have a good time with your love. Competitive? Host your own little competition where the winner gets…

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Chase down some great Food Trucks. Seriously! Jump in the car, pop-in your favourite ‘mixed tape’ and locate a few food trucks that you’ve never hit-up before. It’s like a food treasure hunt just for you two!

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Where to go? Well that’s half the fun – just go looking for them. Or I suppose you could cheat and download the Street Food app

Have a Play Date. No we don’t mean pulling out the Lego (although that can be fun), we are talking  about having fun at the batting cages, axe throwing, playing some late night laser-tag or bowling. Have fun and forget about adult responsibilities for a night and if you haven’t seen your friends in a while, invite them too!

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Where to go? A Google search will give you many options, but a few are:

Wine/Beer and Paint Night. So many bars and restaurants have been hosting wine and paint nights. Couples can go and have some appetizers, drinks and then sit down to a canvas painting tutorial from an amazing artist. At the end of date night you both will have new artwork to hang in your home.

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Where to look? Here are few places to get started:

Sometimes you just need to take time to relax and enjoy the engagement without thinking about anything on that wedding planning checklist. You will have time to work on all those details and taking a few nights off will not wreak your big day. If you’re Leave the stress for your planner.

Looking for more ideas? Why not check out what the fabulous team at It’s Date Night have going on.

Happy Date Night!